About E.Cigs & E.Liquids

Vapei Dedication and Passion

We are in no doubt that smoking is a habit that kills thousands of people in a year across the globe. The effects and outcomes of continued and prolonged smoking are very serious. At vapei we are passionate about our products because it is a realistic alternative to tobacco products. Vapei products contain no tar, no harsh chemicals, no tobacco and no passive smoking.

At vapei our aim is to help and empower smokers by encouraging them on a journey to help them stop smoking or to be able to smoke anytime without the fear of inhaling many chemicals and tar that comes with traditional smoking.

Building one of consumers’ favourite brands, differentiated via an empowering image, superior real tobacco taste, and one-on-one connectivity and relationships with each of our loyal vapei users. We at vapei setting a standard as a company of superior integrity with operating principle and practices above reproach.

Health Factors

  • Electronic cigarettes/e-cigs/vaping is an alternative to real cigarettes.
  • No smell of stale smoke
  • 4000+ less chemicals
  • No banned regulations apply
  • No tar
  • No Ash
  • No bad odour
  • No Tobacco
  • Feel Fresher
  • No carbon Monoxide
  • No Combustion
  • No Passive Smoke
  • No Hazardous Flame
  • Fantastic Savings £££'s
  • No Benzene
  • No smoke (only vapour releases)

Past studies and research done at Vapei has shown that more and more people are choosing electronic cigarettes as their ultimate decision to quit their smoking habit compared to other ways such as: Patches, gums, inhalers, lozenges and many other ineffective techniques that have failed. According to our ongoing customer feedback, a higher percentage have either quit their tobacco smoking altogether and have adapted a vaping way of life or they have significantly cut down by a significant number of less than half of tobacco smoking.

According to another study, for the duration of a 6 month period, smokers who used electronic cigarettes have more than 30% of smoking abstinence while those who are using other anti-smoking aids diversion between 10% to 20%. This concludes that smokers are likely to give up their dependency to smoking through the help of e-cigarettes, which they would rather switch from smoking to vaping.

Aside from the comparison research and analysis, a study also comprised of a survey where more than 200 vapour users were interviewed and revealed that about 70% strongly believed that electronic cigarettes are the most effective and that they were able to reduce the number of regular cigarettes in as little as a month.

Now let us take a little comparison together:

Tobacco Vs Vaping Tobacco Vaping
Chemicals 4000+ N/A
Cancer causing components 50+ N/A
Tar Yes No
Social Stigma Yes No
Ashes Yes No
Odour Yes No
Nicotine consumption Tobacco Liquid
Flammable Yes No
Harmful to others Yes No
Smoke Yes No

Thanks for joining vapei family…DON’T SMOKE IT ……….JUST VAPE IT.


Not to be used by the persons of under 18 years.

This product contains nicotine- nicotine is addictive- intended for use by existing smokers aged 18 years or over as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes- not to be used by children, pregnant or breastfeeding women or persons in ill health. If unsure of use please consult your doctor- Vapei is not intended as nicotine replacement therapy or as a smoking cessation product- if you have allergies to the ingredients in Vapei please do not use the product. Vapei Electronic Cigarettes wants to provide an alternative to cigarettes for all. At Vapei………Don’t Smoke It………..Just Vape It…….is what motivates us. Our promise is not to rest until we enable every one of the millions of smokers around the world looking for a change, giving them the opportunity to enjoy vapei without the fear of harsh chemicals, smell, tar and passive smoking.